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RUConnected Student Portal – Rhodes University

For the staff and students of Rhodes University (RU), they can log in to the RUConnected Student Portal using their registered usernames and passwords. These are the same requirements as the ones needed to access emails, other services online. RUConnected Portal Login: https://ruconnected.ru.ac.za/

RU Student Portal

Your username is the student number designated to you. One thing you must do when logging in to the online systems of RU is to replace the number “6,” which is the first number in your student number with the letter “g.” For instance, if your student number is 613C4321, your login username will be g13C4321.

If you can’t remember your password to your RU student account, click “Forgotten Your Password” to reset your password for Rhodes Online Student Service (ROSS). You will then receive a one-time password (OTP) for ROSS through SMS. Once you have set your new password, you need to change your Rhodes Student Account password as this will have an effect on all of the other services where you use the password including email, Novell logins, web access, the library ePrints server, RUConnected, and more.

Another way to reset your Student Account password is by going to the Eden Grove Lecture Complex’s Student Bureau. Bring with you a photo identity like your ID Book, passport, or student card.

RU Staff Portal

Most of the time, the RUConnected username of a staff member corresponds to their staff number, there are some staff members who have worked at Rhodes for a very long time. As such, they will have a different username. For staff members who don’t know which username and password to use to gain access to RUConnected, they can visit the IT Support Group located on the 1st floor of the Struben Building. Staff members should bring a photo identification like an ID document, passport, or staff card.

Those who know their passwords can change this by clicking “Change Staff Password.” Changing an email password will affect all other services that use the same password including email, Novell logins, web access, the library, ePrints servers, RUConnected, and more.

How do I reset my password if I forget it?

Do this in the following links:

What’s the history of Rhodes University and how good is the university?

Although Rhodes University is a small university, it has a well-established reputation for academic excellence. In fact, it offers the best graduation rates and undergraduate passes in South Africa, outstanding success rates for postgraduate students, and the best research output for each member of the academic staff.

The motto of the university is, “Where Leaders Learn” as the school has produced graduates who are skilled professionals knowledgeable intellectuals, and caring, compassionate, critical-thinking citizens who can contribute to social and economic development and a just, democratic, and equitable society.

Around 50% of the students in RU along with most of the undergraduate students live in university residences. The university has also allotted special living quarters to postgraduate students. The structure of residence committees, sub-wardens, and wardens is well-established. This structure highlights the significant role that residences play in the overall development of students along with the development of their leadership skills.

There are also several societies and clubs in RU that can provide plenty of opportunities for students to participate in different social, intellectual, sports, and cultural activities, all of which develop essential skills further.

Rhodes University focuses on the future confidently. It always secures the future as “indawo yolwazi,” or “a place of knowledge.” Through its pursuit of excellence in research, community engagement, and teaching, the school has produced outstanding graduates that are highly sought after. Those who can make significant contributions to social and human development.

RU also takes pride in the fact that its graduates perform very well in job markets that are increasingly competitive. These graduates are highly regarded by their employers in South Africa and the rest of the world. During the students’ stay at RU, they received assistance in all aspects to prepare them for the careers they have chosen. This is why the employability of the graduates from RU has continuously increased and the school’s ratings are up with the very best in the world. The degrees offered at RU prepares students for the modern job market. The degrees they earn ensures that they develop the skills that employers look for, whether through volunteering, social activities, and work experience.

During the start of each academic school year, students will attend an Orientation Week. There, you will gain information on the courses offered at RU. You will also get exposed to various opportunities and services that will improve your chances of success. The Directorate of Student Affairs of the University has this goal:

To create a living and learning student support system and an environment which is inclusive and is conducive to a healthy lifestyle, personal growth, development, and academic success for our students.

If you want to enter the halls of this institution, staff and students of RU extend a warm welcome to you. You will have the assurance that you made the best choice for your education. The school you have chosen is a high-quality institution that will be your first step towards achieving your aspirations.